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This necklace is one of the essentials. You can choose the initial of your partner, your child, your best friend, your parents - you name it - whoever is close to your heart. I named the necklace after my best friend. I value our friendship very much and wearing each other initials around the neck does make us feel closer even though living in different countries. 

Many jewelry houses have initial pendants or necklaces - I wanted to create a more elegant version of it. Hence we designed a italic handwriting that features gradual smaller and larger diamonds, resulting in a more sophisticated look. 

You can decide between option A where the diamond letter has a loop that allows it to floats. A bit longer necklace does look great here. Necklace is 44cm with additional loop at 42cm.  

Option B: the diamond lettes is set in the necklace. If you choose more than one letter, the two or three letters will have some distance. In this case I prefer wearing the necklace shorter therefore the necklace is 42cm with an additional loop at 40cm. 



Delivery Times
4-5 Weeks
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Option A: Diamond letter with loop Necklace length: 44 cm with additional loop at 42 cm

Option B: Diamond letter set in necklace
Necklace length: 40 cm with additional loop at 38 cm

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