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This ring is either called Two Stone ring or Toi et Moi ring. This type of ring was used in Napoleon times to get engaged to, he himself got engaged with a Two Stone ring. Each of the stones stand for a person. Most of the Toi et Moi rings we manufactured consist of a family stone from the customer/friend that is paired with a fancy color diamond or gemstone. The ring shank can be either bicolor or the same metal. 

We named it Spencer (after Princess Diana) to highlight the heritage as well as the forward, fresh approach she radiated and still does. Both coming together in one memorable jewelry piece. 

This ring is super bespoke, from the two stones we choose, the metal and the angle, hence please contact us to design the ring together. 


Delivery Times
4-6 weeks
More Info
Gemstone or fancy color diamond and white diamond
Two metal colors of your choice
Cut & gemstone color of your choice

Complimentary & ensured shipping

GIA certified diamonds (0.50 ct+)

Recycled Packaging

Hand-made in Germany

Hand-selected diamonds by GIA graduate

14-day return
*when not bespoke

Complimentary ring engraving

Complimentary ring resizing

Ethically sourced diamonds, manufactory is member of Responsible Jewelry Council